VILVI “Murr…” Yogurt Shakes


The enticing murrs of pleasure, VILVI “Murr…” yogurt shakes, will envelop you with a new sensation of daily little joys. “Murr yogurt shakes are made for fans of light low-calorie desserts and those who like to refresh themselves with delicious sweet drinks or just can’t wait to try out new, offbeat variations of drinkable yogurts.

Now available in two types of package: the small, on-the-go package (330g) is convenient to use in the car, at work or at school; the big package (750g) is perferct for home use and family sharing or even for home-made shakes.

VILVI “Murr…” yogurt shakes – a murring moment in a swirl of tastes!

Pina Colada yoghurt shake

Fat 1,9 %

Energy value of 100 g  - 346 kJ/82 kcal
Carbohydrates – 13,2 g
Fat – 1,9 g
Proteins – 2,9 g

Package: 330 g, 750 g

Consolidated and separated financial statements for the year 2018
Consolidated and separated financial statements for the year 2017

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AB Vilkyškių Pieninė is one of the most modern dairy producers in Lithuania. It is the only specialised plant of cheese in the country that produces over 30 different types of cheese according to original recipes, with as many as 10 of them being gourmet. AB Vilkyškių Pieninė, which was founded in 1993, currently holds an 18-percent share of the cheese market and 12-percent share of the fresh dairy products market in Lithuania.

The company went through a few significant stages of expansion and modernization that led to a success both on the domestic market and outside it:

  • Continued investment in technologies;
  • Particular attention to innovations;
  • Specific focus on human resources;
  • Stringent standards on quality control.

The company stands out from the rest of the market players by its effective organization of production, flexible management, high-quality products and great competence of the staff. Another major advantage is its reliable suppliers, long-term marketing partnership and attractive pricing policy.

The group of Vilkyškių Pieninė unites four companies – AB Vilkyškių Pieninė, AB Modest, AB Kelmės Pieninė and AB Pieno logistika.

AB Vilkyškių Pieninė produces cheese following the traditional Lithuanian and worldwide recipes, as well as their own original ones. AB Modest produces blue cheese Memel Blue, mozzarella and other cheese products. AB Kelmės Pieninė specializes in various fresh dairy products: milk, kefir, butter, curd, sour cream, curd spreads, yogurts, glazed sweet curd snacks, mascarpone.

A large part of the company’s output is exported to such foreign countries as Latvia and Estonia, Scandinavia, Germany, Israel, CIS countries, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Poland and others. Exports account for about 78 percent of the company’s sales.

Great attention is paid to strengthening the company’s position on Lithuanian and foreign markets, increasing the range of products. The market is continually provided with high-quality exclusive products – both cheese and fresh dairy products.